An immersive room in the heart of Turin dedicated to big data, research, and technological innovations.

Tierra is an agency whose core business is innovation and technological evolution. To mark their first ten years and the inauguration of their new headquarters in Turin, they inaugurated an immersive room, designed by auroraMeccanica, to emphasize the distinctive characteristics of the group and its members.

The reflective flooring, 360° projections, and a marked hi-tech video aesthetic are the characterizing elements of this immersive room.

Visits to the inside of the immersive room develop in two phases. First, the agency takes a moment to present itself; the visitors are invited to touch sensitive points on the walls to learn about the agency. The second phase is more lively and interactive and necessitates the same presence of the visitors to create particle trails and connections between people in real-time.

The system was also designed to allow the easy implementation of future interactive scenarios, allowing artists and occasional visitors to upload their content and create new immersive experiences.

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