The history of cinema, as seen from the Western Alps.

For the European project iAlp. Interactive alpine Museum in collaboration with the Museomontagna and the Musée Alpin of Chamonix, auroraMeccanica curated a display for the exhibit Without limits, Beyond borders – Cinema on the Western Alps at the Museo Montagna of Turin.



The visitor’s path was subdivided in macro areas:



The introductory zone was dedicated to the early years of mountain cinema through multiscreen projections of images from historic films.


The Great Gig in the Mountain

This area is strongly characterized by an interactive multimedia display. At the center of the room, there is a large scenic element about 5 meters high that immediately recalls the form of a mountain peak. The public is invited to interact with a climbing rope tied to the mountain to select the multimedia content. The video projection is activated by pulling the climbing rope, and its carabineer hook, to one of the nine climbing spikes positioned around the walls. 


Ascent/Descent, Dream/Nightmares, Speed/Slowness, Borders

The path continues through seven connected rooms. Each room was designed to highlight how mountain cinema has always been characterized by elements often opposed to each other.

Besides the projections, a series of monitors offer the public more elements for exploration, thanks to the interviews of experts in the field made by Enrico Verra and auroraMeccanica.

The last room on the path is dedicated to the Borders and shows a clip from the film Path of Hope (Il Cammino della speranza) by Pietro Germi.

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