A reflection on the ruthless and savage consumerism solely dedicated to the creation of money and garbage, a topical issue that affects us all. 

The needs induced by a society disoriented by the drippings of a post-capitalist ideology lead to the production of tangible and intangible goods of easy consumption and immediate decay.

Possessions destined to create waste and pollute the minds of men, as well as the environment that they inhabit. It is an effective metaphor for the blindness suffered by modern man, which searches to reflect on the consequences of their truly evil habits and how it is necessary to actively intervene to resolve the problem. From the window of Spazio Oberdan, an interactive projection stops passersby on the sidewalk and offers them a gift. At each step, a female figure activates to gift an object to the new arrival; small gifts that surely fascinate the spectator and give them a pleasant diversion. Each gift enters the viewing space and is deposited on the girl’s body until she is covered. The accumulation of objects acts as testimony to the number of people that gave a second of their time. Only those that stopped and really observed the glass notice that the gifted objects tend to accumulate on the body of the girl until they completely suffocate her. When a bystander spontaneously nears the glass and touches it, the packed garbage is automatically eliminated, saving the girl.

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