A big tub full of black liquid – similar in color and density to oil – responds in real-time to the stimulus of the use of the word oil.

Black is a sort of semantic map that searches to define the environments in which the word is used. The virtual space of the web is used as a field of analysis inside which the relationships around the word are developed. In the tub a map is created with the results of the search: each time that the word is “said” in the virtual space of the web a bubble of air explodes on the smooth and reflective surface of the tub corresponding to the semantic zone in which the word was identified.

The inability to display in a public place the material under investigation makes it necessary to represent it with black colored liquid. Oil, indispensable in contemporary life, and paradoxically difficult to physically near, exactly as it happens in the economy, is given a nominal value (or its equivalent virtual representation) around which the relational values (economic and consequently social) that derive from it are constructed.

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