The Museo Popoli e Culture of today hopes to be a place where the knowledge of each individual meets and interacts with a collective cultural patrimony continuously changing and developing over time.

The PIME Museum (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) was founded in 1910 and dedicated to the knowledge of extra-European cultures and houses a composite collection of artifacts that come from Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Latin America.

In 2019 the historical headquarters were restructured, and the visitor itinerary was redesigned with the insertion of an interactive multimedia circuit.

Nine interactive installations accompany the visitor in their discovery of the specimens conserved in the museum. Besides the museum itinerary, a special section was created dedicated to PIME Memories. Four interactive installations tell the world and the histories of populations through the eyes and the words of PIME Missionary Fathers.

The interactive itinerary has the goal of reducing the distance between the public and the stories being told by the exhibited objects. Through the installations, the visitors learn in an interactive and multisensory way; the objective is to build interrelationships between different cultures, between the public and populations, between the history of the pious and the stories of the artifacts, and among the visitors.


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Museo Popoli e culture Milano