Marangoni Degree Show 2017

For the 2017 Design Degree Show for the students of the Marangoni Institute in Milan, auroraMeccanica curated an interactive exhibit at the SuperStudio in Milan. The concept involves the setting up of a luminous cube suspended in the dark able to welcome the spectators inside and to sensorially involve them in telling of the best design projects of the Institute. The large suspended lightbox, more than 100m in area, allows the public dual and contemporary levels of interpretation.

The inside represents the starting point for the students: school, study, investigation, while the outside tells of the new adventures that await the students. 


The four internal areas describe the projects of the study program through four different types of interactions.



A closed Moleskine A3 notebook is posed on a table, opening it the projections of the top three students of the course appear on the blank pages, each of them presents a symbolic object from their graduate thesis. Each of these objects carries a story that is projected on the front wall. 



The interior design projects are dedicated to the design of a club for Maison Margiela.

The metaphoric element used to explore the interior design projects is music. The spectator can visualize the three winning designs by choosing from among nine records positioned near a turntable. Placing a record on the table allows the guest to listen to the soundtracks chosen by the students and visualize the projects.



On a table, the three maquettes (scale models) from the projects of the product design course are displayed. Correspondingly, on the table, three digital visualizations of the displayed objects are projected. By touching the projections, the maquettes are lit from behind, and a projection on the front wall is activated.



The prototypes created by the top three students of the course are displayed. The spectators are invited to interact with the object by illuminating it with an LED torch at their disposition. 

By illuminating their preferred object, it becomes possible to activate a series of video projections that describe the project, its keywords, preparatory designs, and iconographic elements.

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