1938-2018. 80 years after the racist laws

In the autumn of 1938, the “racist laws” were proclaimed, a corpus of legislation that sanctioned the progressive deprivation of civil rights for Italian citizens “of the Jewish race”.

Through an easily accessible and interactive form, the interactive multimedia exhibit seeks to provide a frame of useful frame of reference for placing the racist laws in time and space, recalling the concrete reality of events, and posing some questions. Documents, images, films, and audio testimony accompany the visitor in an emotional experience conducted by lights, sounds, and images. The questions along the entrance corridor pose to the visitor some universal and up-to-date questions related to racism and intolerance.

The visitor path is articulated in three sections, The laws of 1983: a break in the history of Italy, 1943: The leap into nothingness, and After 1945: the silence, the memory, the history.

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Che razza di Storia – 1938-2018: a 80 anni dalle Leggi Razziali