Permanent interactive video installation created for the pediatric ward of the Niguarda Hospital in Milan

This project was created with Arianna Loan and Wanting Xie in collaboration with NABA Milan.

 Progetto realizzato con Arianna Ioan e Wanting Xie in collaborazione con NABA Milano 

To welcome children into the pediatric ward before a visit or an exam there are 4 animals: a penguin, a giraffe, an elephant, and a sea horse.

Each animal is waiting for a child, a child that will bring them to life, activate them, and join them in a new adventure together with their friends.

The children, and also the adults, will interact with the projections simply by entering certain active areas marked on the floor. According to the choices made, it is possible to navigate the four natural habitats of the animals.

The active participation of the children, their wonder, and emotional involvement are the means through which we can encourage them, making them active and happy protagonists of trips always made with friends.


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