Dance for light and space


Unstable environments. Study for Archivio Italgas is the first work of an experiment investigating the possibilities of how spaces transform through perceptions of the viewers.

The perception of the space is determined by points of reference that the minds of the spectators are able to reconstruct. The experiment aims at the transformation of the reference points through light variation. The spaces take life and vary according to the illumination they receive.

Study for Archivio italgas is a video that brings to the screen the transformation of the spaces of the Historic Italgas Archive in Via Parma 43 in Turin.

The archive is an environment that lends itself to mutation; it is a place in which stories are collected, cataloged, and reconstructed. When the narrations evolve and change, it is also right for the spaces that host them to change. 

The objective is to show and document this transformation from a physical place, a container of papers and documents, into an abstract place, a container of stories and memories.

The transformation is realized also due to the presence of a body that is both actor and spectator at the same time. The body of the performer follows the movements and the timing of the lights entering into sync with the changing environment. The presence of the body manages to act as a link between the viewer who watches the documentation and the transformation of the environment itself

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