“Transmitting heat. The juxtaposition between a small human gesture and the power of the universe.”

For the 2016 edition of the Festival of Research for the Contemporary Arts, auroraMeccanica created a site-specific interactive installation design in which the spectator is asked to find an accomplice with whom to undertake the interactive experience.

The project is inspired by the energy that emerges between two people when they enter in contact with one another. It is only through the collaboration of at least two people that the installation comes to life; the two spectators must touch, and they must use their own bodies as conducting elements.

The high energy power used to turn on the lights (12kw) contrasts this gentle gesture, giving a charge and a power immediately perceptible, not only through the light that suddenly radiates around the room but also through the heat emitted by the lamps.

The human gesture that started the event also becomes the protagonist of the scene for the surrounding public. After an initial, inevitable, dazzle, the shadows of the people placed in the center of the room stand out on the surrounding walls, creating a sort of dance that travels to the rhythm of light.